The Toronto International Film Festival is one of the biggest events for the city each year, as hundreds of celebrities and thousands of people come to visit and enjoy the art of cinema in September. This is a time when you will see people who do implants to film students from Montreal lined up for hours outside dozens of venues to see some of the world's top creative creations.

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This festival began in 1976 and even in its first year it brought in more than 35,000 visitors and showcased more than one hundred films. Now, there are more than three hundred films seen from over sixty countries and the attendance tops half a million people. It has been a launching pad for Canadian directors like Paul Haggis and David Cronenberg for them to feature their latest projects and has introduced thousands of films to Canadians for the first time. If you're working for executive firms or just in town for a visit during this time than this is an event not to be missed.

While the main event happens as summer is coming to a close, the TIFF Bell Lightbox theatre is open throughout the year at the corner of King and John in the heart of Reitman Square. It features new Canadian works, independent features and older movies that have already long-since left regular theatre circulation. If you're taking some time away from working in plastic surgery or are looking for a unique date experience than you may want to see what's on their calendar for the coming weeks.

There are many people living in Toronto who love to get involved in the city they call home and there are many opportunities to be a part of the festivities of TIFF. You don't need to have a background in corporate event planning Toronto based to play a part in bringing all of these great works of art and people together. There are internship opportunities for those looking for a career in film or marketing and even a chance to be a part of Sprockets, which is the Toronto International Film Festival for Children.

There are so many special events and programs that TIFF puts on throughout the year for all those that have a passion for film. Some allow you to plan a day at the movies for the whole family while others are exciting enough that they bring in people from all over the country in a taxi. Come and see exhibits of props and sketches from your favourite films, learn about movies of a generation long since passed, or sign one of your creative kids up for the March Break program.

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