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Without doubt, downtown Toronto real estate is the most dynamic place in Canada, whether one is looking for commercial or residential properties. The downtown Toronto area is the heartbeat of the nation, and features some of the most important business and entertainment buildings in the entire country, from those helping the nation find offices of networking groups or research a Toronto mortgage broker for a new home purchase .

Living or working in downtown Toronto means being at the heart of things and that in turn means that there are literally hundreds of opportunities for anyone interested in downtown real estate. The entire region is dotted with all types of residential and commercial opportunities, from high rise condo buildings to neighbourhoods that boast a high number of standalone houses from many different eras. Toronto is Canada's stronghold force. Gauge the things happening in cities in Canada and this one will usually come out on top.

In fact, downtown Toronto has experienced a revitalization over the last couple of decades, which set the tone for many other big cities in Canada. Once the site of several different factories, as well as working class neighbourhoods, rejuvenation efforts have seen the site transformed into one that screams ultramodern real estate chic, complete trendy lofts and rebuilt historic estates.

The extent of the rejuvenation has not just included the business areas, but residential ones as well. We will be taking a look at specific neighbourhoods in the articles we post to this section, many of them having undergone gentrification over the last decade that has seen the real estate soar in value. So, if you're looking for particular homes you may be in for a surprise.

Before we get into the specifics regarding the neighbourhoods of downtown Toronto and what you can expect to find there in terms of real estate listings, let's take a quick look at the communities that make up this downtown area.

East York

East York is separated from the city of Toronto, proper, by the Don River. This means that there are waterfront properties available in the area, although the Old Toronto downtown runs south of the boundary, thus cutting off East York developments from taking place on Lake Ontario.

The community itself is defined by a few different features. These features include famous Thorncliffe Park, which does indeed include a park in addition to high-density housing. The other defining feature of East York is the demographics and real estates. While standalone homes are largely restricted to middle and working class styles, the modern high-rise buildings in the community are often purchased by wealthy white-collar workers. You'll see examples of this in Beaches real estate and Riverdale homes. Whether you're looking for a community with great displays with a different cultural flair or a little bit of scenery, there is something in this district for you.


To the west of downtown Toronto is the community of York. This community was the smallest in terms of population when it was amalgamated with Toronto in 1998, and the number of people living there is even smaller today. Nevertheless, the community remains one of the most ethnically diverse in the entire Toronto area. Because of the lower population, there are not as many high-rise developments in York as there are in the rest of the downtown Toronto area.

Downtown Toronto is certainly one of the most happening places in Canada, with a myriad of options to choose from whether one is talking about business or residential Toronto real estate opportunities. The information we post in this section will help you narrow your search when it comes to the perfect downtown property.

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