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Starting up a new business is always a lot of work and you're likely going to need all of the help you can get. Whether you're looking to be for the community or want to provide financial advice there are many resources for those starting up a business in Toronto. One of the best is the Business Connect program set up by the city department of Economic Development, Culture and Tourism. Here are some of the main benefits of this initiative.

Building the right connections is one of the keys to running any successful business. There are lots of funding opportunities out there for new enterprises and programs in place throughout the city that offer tax rebates, energy efficient building help, and help hiring the right employees. Whether you're going to sell R&B hip hop music memorabilia or want to open an art gallery it can be difficult to sift through all of the different programs out there for new business owners. Business Connect works as a sort of matchmaking service to bring together young enterprises with the right city initiatives and financial opportunities.

Business Connect offers a package that lists all of the programs that might be helpful to your business, their value, and how you can apply for assistance. If you are an expert in reiki massage, for example, they might be able to help you hire an intern who's studying at school or help you with funding to start using greener products in your offices. There is also a list of business counselling services for those who need some advice on technical to financial matters. With these programs and services you could expand your knowledge of hiring youth workers, networking, or doing efficient and cost effective research and development.

There really is something for every type of business in the Business Connect portfolio. Whether you're looking into commercialization or increasing your ability to export products throughout the world there is likely a grant program or seminar that can help you get what you need. Counselors that specialize in working with new business owners can help you build a network of other helpful local companies or could help you manage your savings to create the best possible financial accounts.

To find out more about the Business Connect publication and get your hands on a copy visit the City of Toronto website or stop by the Department of Economic Development, Culture and Tourism. There are new initiatives and incentives being created all the time for business owners in the Toronto area so whether you're opening an auto body shop or want to make your living as an online life coach, you should take the time to see if there is a program that fits your needs.

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