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It's no secret that condos have been all the rage in home designs for at least the last decade. You see them if you're looking from the waterfront, they're there is you're crossing the city on the 401 and they're the main event in new communities. There are condos for sale for those with deeper pockets and modest designs in the north of the city for those just looking for a simple and inexpensive place to call home. So, what is the right condo design for you? This short guide should help you answer that question.

One of the first decisions you need to make when looking for a condo is deciding which neighborhood you'd like to live in. All of Toronto for example, does not fall under one price bracket when it comes to real estate. You could be looking at the exact same building design in waterfront condos and they would come with very different price tags. Many of the more elaborate and expensive condo buildings are in the Entertainment District or the Financial District, but this is more of a guideline than a rule. So, before looking at any specific buildings, decide where in the city is right for you.

Next, you want to check out all of the available amenities that come with condos today. Of course, the longer the list of what is included in your unit, the more you're going to be shelling out in both the purchase price and monthly condo fees. If you're interested in one of the buildings associated with condos you're in for a posh lifestyle full of many luxuries. If you're looking at a modest condo building, something closer to the Annex or the east end of the city might be better for you.

Make sure that you're being realistic when you look at condos. Toronto Harbourfront properties may include the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of but may also include prices that you have only seen in those dreams. Remember, that you want any home purchase to be a solid investment. You don't want to lose money from the purchase in the end. Buying a more affordable condo unit and going outside of the building for your gym membership or spa treatments might be better than paying out to have them in your building.

Whether you're looking at beaches New Delhi real estate or a condo unit in Toronto, you need to find a condo building where you feel at home. Condos are like small neighborhoods. Find a place where you feel comfortable and somewhere that is functional for the life you lead.

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