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Growing Out Your Beard in Canada? You Can Join a Club for That

There are a number of quirky clubs to join all over Canada. In Toronto you can join a club devoted to radio controlled airplanes, throwing axes or even pipe smoking. Now you can also add epic beard and moustache growing to that list as the new Toronto Facial Hair Club has arrived.

Growing a beard is not as easy as one may think, and if you have ever tried than it is easy to see why you would need extra moral support. Growing a beard requires patience, and about twelve months of your time. Not only does this new beard club provide support for the facial hair endowed man, they send the best of their members to compete in beard and moustache competitions all over the world.

Growing a Beard to Join the Club

beard contest ac 03Beards have become very popular fashion statements over the last 2 years, seen on sports figures and TV and movie stars all over the world. Luckily they fit right in with the tough terrain of Canada. If you want to grow yours out, you’ll need to start by picking the right style to suit your face. You can find beard grooming tips on line that will help you with that choice.

Next is investing in a high quality beard trimmer. This will help you in keeping the beard at the right shape as it is growing in. Do this daily in order to avoid accidentally chipping away at the growth you want to keep.

Make sure to keep the whiskers and the skin underneath healthy as your beard grows. Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to keep it clean, and a quality beard balm to help moisturize the beard and the skin underneath. Beard balm reviews can also be found online if you are having trouble deciding which product is the best for the price.

As your beard starts to grow out, you will notice that the texture may make it appear scraggly or unruly. This can be smoothed out with the same beard balm, which also works like a styling product to hold the beard in place.

There really is something for everyone in Canada, so long as you know where to look. If you think about what interests you, or what makes you unique, you are going to find that somewhere out there is a group of people who think they are just as unique as you are. For more, read our latest articles here

In Case of Rain…

“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”—Robert Burns

Unfortunately, we tend to forget about such thoughtful insight as the above quote until a seemingly well-planned event gets rained out and you have to barbecue on the best indoor grill (See it on Amazon).

An event’s success relies on having a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, or as many contingency plans as necessary to make a speedy substitution without anyone having a clue something went awry.

Sunshine > Rain

Weather is always the No. 1 unpredictable element for outdoor gatherings. If that morning is sunny and pleasant, don’t automatically assume the remainder of the day will follow suit. Despite weather forecasts, there’s always a possibility that a huge front can roll in and drench your guests.

Contingency consideration: Obviously the first answer to bad weather is to bring your outdoor event indoors. If it’s a big occasion at a hotel, inquire about reserving a gathering space, readied with seating, ahead of the big day. It can also function as storage. That way, if you do have to come in out of the rain, your goods are already on the spot, waiting for you.

Secondary suggestion: If your gathering is at a park, set up near pavilions. Even if you don’t want to use the covered structures, it’ll only be a quick dash if raindrops start falling.
Third time is the charm: Keep large tents handy so they can be pulled out at a moment’s notice.


Confirmed Guest List > Party Crashers

In an ideal world, everyone will r.s.v.p. by the deadline date with an accurate number of guests. Or your attendance estimates for the community fair will be spot on. But let’s face it, that ideal world rarely works out.

Contingency consideration: If you have to order meals per guest count, order a few extra for the unexpected plus-one persons. If you’re serving food at your charity celebration, tell the caterer your maximum head count (plus a few more if you really want to build in a cushion).

Secondary suggestion: Ordering extra tables and chairs means no one is left standing. It’s better to have a few empty seats than to have people trying to balance food in one hand and drinks in the other.

Signed Contracts > Unforeseen Obstacles

Caterers, DJs, and entertainers are all human, and therefore, can fall ill, have car trouble or be called to a family emergency. You don’t want to be left stranded only hours before guests arrive.

Contingency consideration: Develop a network of caterers, DJs, and entertainers. Ask if they will “hold the date” in case you need an emergency substitution. Of course, they need to earn a living, so they may decline or ask for a holding fee.

Secondary suggestion: As the day of your event approaches, check in with the backup contactors to see if they’re free. Make a note of who’s available and who’s not and be sure to bring their numbers with you just in case.

Fully Staffed > Short-handed

Just like contractors may have an unexpected conflict, their staff may leave them—and vicariously you—high and dry.

Contingency consideration: If you’re in charge of planning anything that requires servers, security or other miscellaneous workers to pull off a successful event, then have a list of people you can call with little notice to fill in. This could be a list of people you’ve worked with in the past or who others have recommended, or call a short-term staffing agency to help find workers.

Secondary suggestion: Consider sending out a volunteers request to local high schools.

Entertainment Booked > Equipment Failure

Why does it seem like electronics give out minutes before you open the doors to let the crowd in? Unfortunately, DJ equipment, sound systems, and cooktops give out.

Contingency consideration: When booking contractors, ask them about their equipment and write in a clause that they need to provide backups in case of last-minute malfunctions.

Secondary suggestion: Bring your own. Have a stash of batteries of various sizes. Invest in a few cordless microphones if you plan multiple events. And if you’re hosting a barbecue, stock up on indoor grills so the cooking can continue if you bring the party inside.

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August Dog Show – Keeping Your Dogs Prepared?

Are you planning on bringing your pooches to this summer’s dog show event? Whether you’re competing or spectating, it’s important to keep your dogs healthy, hydrated, groomed, and well behaved. Of course, if you’re participating, you’re going to want to keep up with training and prepare for the big day on weeks leading up to it!

Train your dog(s) to be around other dogs

Training your dog(s) to be around other dogs can cause some issues if they aren’t the friendly sort from the beginning. Some dogs have no problem being around humans, but when faced with another dog, they can become aggressive or just too hyper. One thing you want to ensure before bringing them to a high energy, crowded and dog-populated area like this dog show, is for them to be comfortable and friendly with anyone they meet. There are lots of techniques that trainers use, such as assertive commands, rewards, and consistency when training. This is something that has best results if started from when they are a puppy. One thing you never want to do is hit them or physically scold them. A quick correction is all it takes.

dog show

The use of wireless fences

Another issue we’ve seen in the past is dogs getting away from their owners and running free throughout the park. This isn’t necessarily dangerous, but they could accidentally trip a small child or knock them over (depending on the size of your dog). Something that has worked to remedy this for many dog owners is the use of wireless fences when they train their dog at home. People associate these with “shock collars” and believe them to be mean or inhumane. This is not the case. All they do is emit a small static correction or a spray of citronella (an unpleasant smell to dogs). Most collars with also emit a beeping noise as the dog approaches the invisible fence (which is merely a wire cast around the area you desire to keep them in), which can alert your dog to turn away. If you can train your little companion to become aware of its surroundings, and perhaps create a visual association with the wireless fence, you will have a much better chance of keeping them nearby during high energy outings.

Keeping your pup groomed and healthy is very important

Keeping your pup groomed and healthy is very important in summer shows as well. Proper grooming can vary from season to season. Generally speaking in the summer months, a dogs hair is kept shorter. Not all dogs require this kind of grooming however, such as Labradors, Shepherds, Greyhounds, and similar breeds. Poodles, Shih Tzus, Terriers and other smaller and longer haired breeds require a little more attention. Learn more about grooming here: Making sure they are not overgrown is important for their health and for the quality of the show they put on. If their eyes are covered and there is fur in the mouth, they won’t be very happy campers! Be sure to carry water and food with you when you come to the show as all dogs need to stay hydrated and well-fed. The heat can get to them more than us due to the fact that they do not sweat through their skin as we do. Dogs can’t cool down as fast as we can! Try to bring a cooler with ice and maybe even a little blow up pool for them to relax in if you can!

Summer Is Here! Community Event

It’s that time of year again, when we bring out the lawn mowers, take out the boats, flowers bloom and the community becomes vibrant. The snow has melted and the sun is out. It’s also time to have the biggest shin-dig Wych Wood has ever seen! We’re excited to announce our fourth annual Wych Wood Kick into Summer Festival. So join us, as we say goodbye to the winter and hello to the first signs of summer. As always it’s a family friendly event and will be hosted in the Wychwood Barn next to the lake.

The BBQ will kick off at 11:30 with adult beverages for the adults, hot dogs, hamburgers, soda and an ice cream bar. If the weather co-operates we will have plenty of outdoor activities including swimming, wakeboarding, tubing and stand up paddle boarding. We will also have three legged races and wheelbarrow races!  Go to to learn more about family outdoor activities.


Our organizers have a lot of other great outdoor and indoor activities. Each competition will feature prizes and we’ll have a big raffle prize as well. Once the day winds down we’ll roll into a banquet dinner in our great community barn. We’ve brought in caters for the event (we learned our lesson from last year!) so expect the food to delicious. We’ll also be hosting a silent auction to raise funds for our charity of choice which is still to be determined!

After our delicious three course meal we’ll play more fun games as well as have a 50/50 draw. Someone needs to unset the three year champion bill, at the egg race, I hope you have all been practicing!

Things to bring and to remember

If you’re planning on having more then one or two beers arrange a ride home. There will be lots of designated drivers at the event so please do not drink and drive.

  • Sunscreen – This is the first day you’ll probably be outside in the lake and as such there are a few things to remember. Bring sunscreen to protect you and your kids from the heat. It’s a good idea to find shade frequently, if it’s really hot outside. Sun stroke is nasty and that’s not the way we want to bring in this lovely weather!
  • Toys or games – If you have toys or games feel free to bring them along. There will be lots of downtime between events when kids can play in the park or play board games.
  • Wee ones – All ages are welcome if you got wee ones, bring them along too. We’ll have face painting and other suitable activities for the young ones!
  • Boat – If you have a boat that you want to bring down that would greatly appreciated. We have several folks volunteering their boats for the day but we never have enough for the number of kids that want to go on tube rides!

Finally, please remember this is a family event. We want everyone to have fun!

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Tips on getting a software job in Canada

Thinking about getting a software job in Canada? If you’re committed, determined and willing to do what it takes, you will working in no time. Being new to Canada and looking for work can be daunting, but having our best foot forward will give you a leg up in the running. There are some things you want to make sure you have in order before even beginning your search for employment in the software industry.

If you’re new to the country, find a good immigration lawyer. They will be able to help you out with where to begin, how to start the search, and which jobs might be best for you. Not to mention that they will assist you with getting your work visa if that is something you need. Other than that, here are some good tips:

Update your resume

It’s simple, but it’s overlooked by many people looking for work in any field. The most important thing is to have it updated to include your most recent employment, any and all experience related to the field of work, and be sure to fill in any gaps. You don’t want a year unaccounted for; volunteer work, school and any courses you may have taken need to be in there to account for periods of unemployment.

Seeing that you’re a self-starter and are willing to do what it takes to get the job done will help you stick out among other applicants.

Also be sure to have references that your future employer may contact. Either put them on your resume directly, or state that references are available upon request. Whether they are former employees, volunteer supervisors, or past teachers/professors, it’s very important to be able to provide at least 3 to a potential employer.

Now that your resume is up to date, it’s time to get out there and start looking.


Finding Available Jobs

Online Job Sites

Take a look online on various classifieds websites for work in the software field.

Sites like:

and many more are there for you! Look in the areas around Toronto and Vancouver for high-paying software jobs, though they exist around the country. Places like Mississauga and Surrey are great places to move to that are growing rapidly with a lot of opportunity.

Personal Contacts

Talk to people you might know in the area, you never know who might be hiring!

Employment Agencies

Scout out some employment agencies. They are there to help you and generally will do all the hard work for you.

The Interview Process

The next step is to go on some interviews once you have some set up. Here’s a couple tips to help you stand out among other applicants:

  • Show up on time!
  • Dress professionally. Never under-dress, employers like to see someone who is professional, well put together, and who takes good care of themselves.
  • Be confident. Hold your head high and project your voice properly (don’t yell, just don’t talk to the floor or mumble).
  • Make eye contact. Interviewers will value your attentiveness and interest in the position.
  • Ask questions about the company if you have not done any research prior to the interview.

Some other important things to keep in mind is how much you will get paid versus the cost of living. Be sure to do some very thorough budgeting based off of the cost of living for you (and your family) per year, taking into account taxes (both taken off of your income, yearly income tax, and standard GST/HST/PST that is paid in Canada). Once you have a good idea of how much money you need to live comfortably, you will be able to have an idea of what kind of job you might need, and which will be worth your time. Keep your options open!

New Sector Of Software Engineering Corporations

You want to get your name out there as much as your are able to. Small enterprise development is an all or nothing activity when starting as an Information Technology specialist. Business will not drop into your lap – you want to use pro-active small company development strategies to get things moving. Softage homes some of the finest software designers having minimum of a decade of application engineering experience. The leading system for small company development is reaching out to business setups. Except for that they’re also authorized which seals that you are going to be supplied with the quality software.

Thus , handing custom application development work to Softage will be the smartest choice. To explain, you are able to say that Softage offers best and quality custom programme development services in a reasonable demeanour.
Above all Softage’s custom software engineering services are cost effective and will not frustrate or bug your money budget. Make certain you interact efficiently and regularly with your software engineering team, this way you may both have a solid understanding of the direction and number of compulsory hours that’ll be wanted to give to the project. As customised software continues to take off in the industrial world, it’s the hope of many that workers will have a deeper understanding and grip on the proper way to use software inventions to better and neatly operate and promote their business brands.

In addition, as more enterprises start to use these software services, it will without doubt produces more competition among program developers to do a more upstanding job with working out what types of technical advances are out there for the company that they’re working for. The results of the rise in customised software will, doubtless, generate competition among program developers re guaranteeing that diverse affiliations get the maximum bang for their buck. You will find plenty of info regarding these in diverse books and on Sun’s Java development site.

The BlackBerry Platform After studying about Java ME, it is time to explore the BlackBerry platform. But a substantial number of BlackBerry-specific classes are also provided. In a MIDP application you are restricted to only use the APIs exposed by the CLDC and MIDP standards. Your request will run on the BlackBerry and on most mobile phones, it will not be in a position to use any of the BlackBerry’s special features. The application engineering life cycle ( SDLC ) is a pre-set framework that is utilized by all application engineering corporations for thru understanding and developing effective info systems and software.

Though application engineering life cycle can have many versions and each version carries its own and points and minus points, but all version has same steps or activities that are debated below,. Feasibility Firstly, the project is checked for its feasibility if it should get the go-ahead. If the project is to proceed, then a project plan is thought out along with the budget guesses for future stages of development. Business researchers perform an intensive study and research into the business requirements of the organization and the market trends. Read it

Your IT Resume Should Be Well Made

Many firms on the East Coast make a decision to go with a Boston it service supplier to review, acquire, build, secure and administrate their IT. For cost potency and pro service in handling info technology, Boston firms decide to outsource their IT. The wedge of your business budget pie taken up by in-house IT can be serious. Business intelligence info may be used to identify chances for competitive advantage.

One of the early steps that many setups take is to hire an IT specialist. Nonetheless, info technology itself can be an enabler of competitive advantage, particularly when there are chances to digitise products or deliver info products electronically. In this sort of case, business system is inseparable from Information T methodology. Data technology comprises the deductive and operational application systems, databases, and technical framework ( hardware and networks ) of a concern.

Information Technology

Information Technology

If you have an interest in the area of medicine, a health IT programme offers a really interesting point from which to look into your passions and start your career. In the school room and in the field, when you are signed up to a health IT programme, you can learn how to process requests for the releasing of private health info, code clinical info, process and use health info for clinical quality management, bill patients for services ( and supply compensation ) and learn compliance while defending patient privacy. And candidly, the roles you can receive after you receive your well-being info technology degree will put you into a position of heavy responsibility and control. They aid in identifying heavy exposure openings and can design acceptable coverage that noticeably decreases the disadvantage hazards connected with any damage, contravention or break of the data and gear structure. Post-Health IT Programme Roles With the degree in hand, some of the positions you should expect to work in including : Health Info Specialist . No 2 companies will be matching, either vis substructure or in the type of operations, communications or 3rd party / seller interaction and management.

These thorough packages deal not only with the commercial impact coming from a loss but also cover any responsibility wants. Insurance brokers can offer the individualized attention that’s required by each business to develop a flexible range of plans that address the particular and unique requirements of each business. Write your target at the beginning of your resume, above the rest. Are you using numbers, pc.s and currency? Is it targeting the companies desires or yours? Solution : If your resume addressing what the employer is attempting to find? Are you the solution to their problem? Write it in a fashion that reflects you’re the solution. The target should, naturally, have some relevancy to the position you are trying for eleven.

Infrastructure Definition

In everyday life one often comes across the word ‘infrastructure’. Do you know what this word means? There isn’t only one infrastructure definition; there are many definitions of the word infrastructure. One such definition is the basic structure of a company or an organization. The word infrastructure is rarely used as a noun.

The other definition of infrastructure is that it is the aggregate of all those capital equipment and basic facilities which are very much needed for a society or enterprise to function. The IT infrastructure definition encompasses hardware as well as software. In the IT (information technology) sector, the IT infrastructure definition is: the physical hardware which is used for connecting the users to the computers and the software which is used for the purpose of receiving, managing and sending the signals which are to be transmitted. Infrastructures such as flyovers, bridges, water supply, power grids, roads, etc denote the technical structures which are essential for the proper functioning of a society.



When viewed functionally, the infrastructure definition would be something that facilitates the production of services and goods. For example roads are important because they help in transporting raw materials to the factory and also help in distributing them to the market when the finished goods are produced.

In some other context infrastructure may also include hospitals, schools and various other basic social services. If you look at the word in the military context then the term refers to the buildings or other permanent installations which are constructed for the purpose of supporting, helping in operation and redeployment of military forces.

If you thought that these are the only definitions of infrastructure then you are wrong, because this term can be looked at from the IT or information technology point of view too. In the context of internet and information technology, infrastructure can be used to describe the physical hardware which connects the computers to their users. This means that all items such as phone lines, satellites, cable television lines, antennas, aggregators, routers, repeaters and various other devices can also be termed as infrastructure, from the IT point of view of course.

Thus we see that the word infrastructure has a lot of meanings and depending on how it is used, i.e. in which context, its meaning changes. If you are unsure about how to use the word then you can look up the meaning in the dictionary and even read some sentences with this word in it, you’ll get a better idea.

Debt Consolidation Solutions For Large Enterprises

Debt consolidation solutions aim at reducing the debt portion smartly in a gradual manner. Most of the debt consolidation solutions aim at harmonizing on the interest part competitively. Most debt consolidation services providers have stronger alliances with financial service providers. They can negotiate pretty well with the creditors and seek competitive interest rates and re-payment tenure for the debtors. The benefits are shared to the debtors at nominal fees. Debt consolidation arrangements are most sought out for by credit card users and by debtors who have substantial loan burden circling their head.

Debt consolidation should be implemented in a phased manner. Gradual steps can provide debt consolidation solutions to be implemented as planned. Multiple service providers should be sought out for while trying for the best in class debt consolidation solution. Internet avenues can also provide fair information on debt consolidation solutions. These can provide single window information to one and all while they are trying to work on debt consolidation management. Such solutions should be availed by keeping in mind long term benefits.

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation

Large enterprises generally need liquid cash flows for managing their expansion plans or channelizing operational funds. Debt management could get trickier at times too for larger enterprises. With piling credit burden the major issue that circles around is related to income management. If sales numbers are not looking that impressive then the primary go becomes how to manage funding in a seamless manner? Debt consolidation solutions can essentially provide tailor made solutions to larger enterprises in such tricky scenarios. Therefore it makes a lot of sense for business enterprises to leverage their business continuity through debt consolidation solutions. The idea is to stay afloat even while most challenging times are circling around the growth of an enterprise.

Debt consolidation should be sought out for only at the time when it is most needed. Debt consolidation solutions should be researched for if a newbie or a new enterprise is seeking it. Though it can offer tailor made and best breed solutions, its limitations should also be forecasted for, well in advance. These will help in formation of contingency plan in case bad economic trends circle around the business scenarios. Generally it is scene that those who take up debt consolidation solutions as a thought out strategy fair much better than those who take a debt consolidation solution just to offset a part of credit. The later ones are prime suspects of defaulting again.

The Importance of Debt Consolidation

Debt is relevant when dealing with business. This is inevitable. Grasping for expansion, entrepreneurs need the extra funding to buy new equipments and hire help. Confusion starts when payment time comes. Dealing with more than one creditor can lead to frustration, payment delay and non-payment. Even with an accounting team to handle this concern, the main fact that you are dealing with various interest rates, different due dates and terms can be so tasking. It is highly advisable for one to use debt consolidation when facing such concern.

Consolidating all your obligations under one account can ease the process of handling your finances. This deletes the process of dealing with too many creditors, having different interest rates and missing out on payment dates. All your dues will be merged into one account allowing you to pay the terms in low minimum monthly payments with one interest rate. This enables you to have good credit scores. This score affects our personal and business standing in the market.

Those who are able to constantly pay loans on time have higher chances of getting better terms. They are given manageable interest rates and low monthly terms. The secret of optimizing such program relies on your ability to secure payment before the due date. This avoids the interest rates from increasing and hidden charges to occur. Read through the terms thoroughly before signing for any program to know more about it.

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation [Click for Full View]

As a business person, you should have the habit of reading through the contracts particularly the fine print. Keeping yourself informed about the conditions will help you avoid paying more than what you have signed for. Always have the habit to ask before imprinting your name on the agreement. Do not assume nor conclude what you do not know. Financial agreements can be complicated depending on what company handles your needs.

Be diligent in paying the debt immediately. Delayed payments can result to additional charges. Non-payments will result to bad reports. Beware that credit reports can affect the standing of your business and your personal stature. Be responsible enough to protect your credit scores.

Familiarize yourself with the terms. Do ask or research about it when signing for a program. It would be best to fully comprehend the condition rather than finding yourself at lost and frustrated. Know when late payment charges occur, if there are hidden fees and reasons why interest rates would default. Actively listen when read the terms and ask questions when needed.

Obtaining a better option for handling financial terms aims to reduce stress of handling collection calls and outstanding debts. It prevents the situation from resulting to shame and legal actions. Such programs have the capacity to manage your finances according to your ability to pay. Your complete cooperation is needed to gain its full extent. Without you paying on time, the program would fail.

The procedures of debt consolidation aim to help those responsible enough to pay dues on time. The program would not work on delinquents. Finding a suitable program for your business requires thorough research. Recommendation and internet searches are your best resource.