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Summer Is Here! Community Event

It’s that time of year again, when we bring out the lawn mowers, take out the boats, flowers bloom and the community becomes vibrant. The snow has melted and the sun is out. It’s also time to have the biggest shin-dig Wych Wood has ever seen! We’re excited to announce our fourth annual Wych Wood Kick into Summer Festival. So join us, as we say goodbye to the winter and hello to the first signs of summer. As always it’s a family friendly event and will be hosted in the Wychwood Barn next to the lake.

The BBQ will kick off at 11:30 with adult beverages for the adults, hot dogs, hamburgers, soda and an ice cream bar. If the weather co-operates we will have plenty of outdoor activities including swimming, wakeboarding, tubing and stand up paddle boarding. We will also have three legged races and wheelbarrow races!  Go to to learn more about family outdoor activities.


Our organizers have a lot of other great outdoor and indoor activities. Each competition will feature prizes and we’ll have a big raffle prize as well. Once the day winds down we’ll roll into a banquet dinner in our great community barn. We’ve brought in caters for the event (we learned our lesson from last year!) so expect the food to delicious. We’ll also be hosting a silent auction to raise funds for our charity of choice which is still to be determined!

After our delicious three course meal we’ll play more fun games as well as have a 50/50 draw. Someone needs to unset the three year champion bill, at the egg race, I hope you have all been practicing!

Things to bring and to remember

If you’re planning on having more then one or two beers arrange a ride home. There will be lots of designated drivers at the event so please do not drink and drive.

  • Sunscreen – This is the first day you’ll probably be outside in the lake and as such there are a few things to remember. Bring sunscreen to protect you and your kids from the heat. It’s a good idea to find shade frequently, if it’s really hot outside. Sun stroke is nasty and that’s not the way we want to bring in this lovely weather!
  • Toys or games – If you have toys or games feel free to bring them along. There will be lots of downtime between events when kids can play in the park or play board games.
  • Wee ones – All ages are welcome if you got wee ones, bring them along too. We’ll have face painting and other suitable activities for the young ones!
  • Boat – If you have a boat that you want to bring down that would greatly appreciated. We have several folks volunteering their boats for the day but we never have enough for the number of kids that want to go on tube rides!

Finally, please remember this is a family event. We want everyone to have fun!

Click here to obtain ideas on how to spend summer vacation.

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