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August Dog Show – Keeping Your Dogs Prepared?

Are you planning on bringing your pooches to this summer’s dog show event? Whether you’re competing or spectating, it’s important to keep your dogs healthy, hydrated, groomed, and well behaved. Of course, if you’re participating, you’re going to want to keep up with training and prepare for the big day on weeks leading up to it!

Train your dog(s) to be around other dogs

Training your dog(s) to be around other dogs can cause some issues if they aren’t the friendly sort from the beginning. Some dogs have no problem being around humans, but when faced with another dog, they can become aggressive or just too hyper. One thing you want to ensure before bringing them to a high energy, crowded and dog-populated area like this dog show, is for them to be comfortable and friendly with anyone they meet. There are lots of techniques that trainers use, such as assertive commands, rewards, and consistency when training. This is something that has best results if started from when they are a puppy. One thing you never want to do is hit them or physically scold them. A quick correction is all it takes.

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The use of wireless fences

Another issue we’ve seen in the past is dogs getting away from their owners and running free throughout the park. This isn’t necessarily dangerous, but they could accidentally trip a small child or knock them over (depending on the size of your dog). Something that has worked to remedy this for many dog owners is the use of wireless fences when they train their dog at home. People associate these with “shock collars” and believe them to be mean or inhumane. This is not the case. All they do is emit a small static correction or a spray of citronella (an unpleasant smell to dogs). Most collars with also emit a beeping noise as the dog approaches the invisible fence (which is merely a wire cast around the area you desire to keep them in), which can alert your dog to turn away. If you can train your little companion to become aware of its surroundings, and perhaps create a visual association with the wireless fence, you will have a much better chance of keeping them nearby during high energy outings.

Keeping your pup groomed and healthy is very important

Keeping your pup groomed and healthy is very important in summer shows as well. Proper grooming can vary from season to season. Generally speaking in the summer months, a dogs hair is kept shorter. Not all dogs require this kind of grooming however, such as Labradors, Shepherds, Greyhounds, and similar breeds. Poodles, Shih Tzus, Terriers and other smaller and longer haired breeds require a little more attention. Learn more about grooming here: Making sure they are not overgrown is important for their health and for the quality of the show they put on. If their eyes are covered and there is fur in the mouth, they won’t be very happy campers! Be sure to carry water and food with you when you come to the show as all dogs need to stay hydrated and well-fed. The heat can get to them more than us due to the fact that they do not sweat through their skin as we do. Dogs can’t cool down as fast as we can! Try to bring a cooler with ice and maybe even a little blow up pool for them to relax in if you can!

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